sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2014

DAY 10

July18,2014 Last day of presentations ....but tomorrow we still have SIG! Liva started with “ICT and schools –the organizational culture perspective”. She made a very interesting presentation . “Recent advances in the assessment and intervention in mental health by the use of technology” was the topic explore by Carmen. Ingura show us a presentation very dynamic with interesting games Kart and her storys was very interesting. .“ Educational uses of digital Storytelling” now I can use a lot of tool in my classroom . Ema and Brigita talked about “ Dyslexia-can m-learning help? Using vignette to ease the sharing of experience for people with dyslexia” They show us one app that we can use in mobile device and helps students with dyslexia. About this 15 days of IP, I must send a post to Thomas…He say “there is no e-learning” but today, I believe there is psst-learning. So…Thank you Thomas for this amazing IP. I learn a lot and I leave Austria/ Linz very happy with my baggage full of friends, knowledge and digital competences

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